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Principal’s Message  

Students are the future of country. The real aim of education will be fulfilled when students prepare themselves to face the real challenges in their life. So, students are encouraged to participate in various activities so that they can learn how to achieve success in life and accept failure with the conviction that the failure is the pillar of success and try their best to turn failure into success.

The real friend in life is our self-confidence and one can’t achieve success in life without self-confidence. So, students must develop self-confidence and set the goal in life and prepare strategic plan to achieve success in life.

Dear students,


Obviously, education is not merely learning from books, memorizing some facts, just to pass examinations, take a degree, get a job and settle down, but also learning to be able to listen to see the beauty of a tree, and to feel directly in touch with them. Besides these we should be able to understand the people who are living on earth, so that we come to know the realities of human life.

In this era of globalization one has need to learn the process of thinking, feeling and action to increase intelligence and wisdom. The instrument of knowledge enables a student to gain mastery over the technical skills in the field of study, while intelligence is born of observation and self- knowing, and that too outside the class-room. Learning comes only when there is no fear of authority and it does not say ‘I know’. Acquiring knowledge is one thing and learning is different thing that is endless.

To get learning there is a need to develop a learning tendency in heart and mind .Mere acquisition of knowledge is not the solution to every problem but learning tendency is.

In today’s highly competitive and fast paced world, there is absolutely no room for lethargy or complacency; we need to excel not only in the field of academics but at the same time we have to keep ourselves abreast in non- academic achievements too.

The need of the hour is that the parents, teachers as well as society has to work in tandem, in order to instill in our children, those values and ethics that will help them become competent professionals and good human beings and shall contribute richly to the growth of nation.

Years of diligence, zeal, zest and enthusiasm of the highly dedicated and qualified staff combined with the whole-hearted support and guidance of DAV Managing Committee has helped in taking this esteemed institution to even further dizzying heights.

I’m sure in the times to come higher avenues will be set and achieved and our students will confront all the challenges of life boldly and smilingly. It is rightly said that excellence is not a onetime phenomenon but it is a habit.

‘Pursue excellence and success will automatically follow’